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As of May 2013, a part of Aleksandra Kasuba's archival materials—mainly of works from 1942 to 2000—are now in the Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution. The works after 2000 are to follow.

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A LIFE / kasubaworks

ROCK HILL--See Video

Kasuba Books        Read:   
" On the Way to America",
"Faces of Time",
"In the Wake of Dreams"
"Fire Island"  


Cube Unfolding
Summer Residence

April 2010
Cube Unfolding Cube Unfolding Cube Unfolding Cube Unfolding Cube Unfolding
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Building Sites

In Rock
In Rock
Jan. '09
Between Rocks
Between Rocks
March '09
March '09
March '09
In Clouds
in Clouds
April '09
The past in the 21st Century

Buildings Suggested
by Seashells

Shell 1
Building 1
Nov '08
Shell 2
Building 2
Dec '08
Shell 1
Building 3
Jan '09
In these models concerns shifted from practical considerations to shapes
suggested by seashells.

Four Models
The K-method applied
to larger buildings

Cultural Center
Civic Center
April '08
June '08
Residence / Office
June '08
Residence / Office
A Building
Sept. '08
Models 1, 2, 3 & 4 investigate the structural and functional considerations pertinent to the K-method—
  1. Areas of a building suitable for applications of the K-method.
  2. The layout of frames that give shape to a membrane in tension and functions also as a structural support system.
  3. Location and shape of windows that causes minimal disruption of tension flows circulating within a tensile membrane.
This series of models completes the investigation.
Resort Complex
May 2007

Study unsolicited
The complex of five buildings, located in a New Mexico desert, was designed to house an 80 room hotel, convention facilities, a spa, and an educational visitor center.

Design Concept
Building Complex
Fuel Station
May 2007

Fuel Station
Model and Drawings
Smart Village
Smart Village
Recognizing that the building industry caters to housing that breaks up families by clustering generations into separate communities, the SMART VILLAGE introduces housing that corrects this prevailing social oversight. The proposal provides accommodations that sustain family relationships without disrupting the life styles of different generations.

Description and Drawings
Additional Studies
Private Residence
A study
March 2006

The study of a private residence was completed in March 2006. The undulating roof, shaped by the Kasuba Method, is to be clad with curved aluminum plates as seen in shell dwelings.
A building permit is pending.

Drawings and study models
Floor plan and exterior/interior walls
The membrane
3-D Computer Renderings

Final Model - May 2006
The K-Method
Cross Section

  • Can a tensile membrane shape sculpturally expressive permanent buildings?
  • Can an unconventional building method be less expensive than the methods in practice?

Environmental artist Aleksandra Kasuba asked these questions some twenty years ago. To explore the possibilities she moved to a high mountain desert in New Mexico where, relying on her 30 year experience with tensile fabric structures, she built two prototype buildings. Successfully completed last spring, the shell dwellings are presently used by invited artists, writers and students of The University of New Mexico.

Metal Plates
Kitchen Detail

NEW MODELS   (a follow up) - Update January 2005

General Views
The Kitchen
The Studio
Bedroom & Courtyard

Work in New Mexico


hill in desert

At the foot of a mound on a 70-acre high desert tract of land a complex of shell houses will be built. The aim is to experiment with unconventional building methods and materials, and take the ideas projected in Imagining the Future a step further--use membranes as a guide to produce curvilinear walls for housing.

Description of Project - Site & Models
Updates: Nov. 2001 · Feb. 2002 · July 2002
Rock Hill House / compl. Oct. 2002
Exterior Details / Interiors

Shell Dwellings

Foundations and Framings / Nov. 2002
Wire Membranes / Jan. 2003
Kitchen · Attaching Wire to Frame · Studio · Bedroom
Shell Assembly / March 2003
Lining the Membrane · Attaching Pleats to Membrane · Polyurethane Foam
Stucco / July 2003
Lath for Stucco · Applying Stucco
Temporary Finishes / August 2003
Painting on Stucco · Kitchen and GuestHouse Painted · Exterior Details · Summation of Project

Curved Surfaces


human figure in arch

The www.curvedsurfaces.com website pertains to fabric structures in the round, focusing on the dynamics of forces active in tensile fabric shells. The principles detected indicate that tension can be employed as a shape-giving force to great advantage. The methods developed are presented in detail to pass on what has worked and why, so that those who want to work with this new vocabulary of forms would not have to start from scratch.

Works from


DC Plaza

Selected public installations executed in granite, bricks, pebbles, or marbles. Also some early works.

Not-So-Still Life

ShockWave Movie


Originally Not-So-Still Life was shown in 1974 during an Award Presentation Dinner given by the Carborundum Corporation in Niagara Falls, New York. During the showing projections of fruit, each ten feet in diameter on a wall, diminished gradually to core, peel, or seed, the process timed to last 90 minutes. (Here it takes 2 minutes)

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Utility for the Soul

Illustrated Booklet

human figure

A Retreat House, open year round for the employees of a corporation and maintained at its expense, is designed for relaxation and contemplation. In an environment where everyone wears uniform attire and no one is talking for 48 hours, and where the senses are engaged at every turn, the visitor has a chance to reconnect with a self forgotten or neglected.

Didymus Press: San Francisco, 1975.

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